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Fastball: How Agencies Can Win More Pitches

fastball agency data driven support for pitching

Would you like to win more pitches? Every agency – advertising, strategy, marketing, public relations, consulting – wants to win its new business/sales pitches. In today’s increasingly data-driven world, winning the business means proving your data chops. Nothing shows your commitment to measurable results and impact more than a data-informed pitch deck, replete with examples showcasing your insights and talents.

Yet, agencies struggle to deliver data-informed, high-impact pitches. Why?

  • Not enough time to do the research well
  • No access to the right data science and statistics tools
  • Not enough data science talent on the team
  • No experience putting together strong data-informed pitches

Trust Insights can help you win more pitches, earn higher retainers, and land more interesting clients. How?

  • Outsource your data research work for new business to save time
  • We have access to dozens of data sources, especially in marketing, social media, economics, and corporate data, plus the right tools to analyze the data, saving you money and the need to buy or build specialized software
  • We are a team of data scientists and business strategists who assemble the data, analysis, and insights for you, saving you the need to hire data science talent
  • We have years of experience helping agencies pitch and win business with data in nearly every vertical and industry

What will we do for you?

  • Analysis of client’s and competitors’ key topics/business focus
  • Predictive analytics forecasting client’s needs for editorial, content, lead generation, and revenue calendars
  • Landscape/trend analysis

Here’s an example: our Cheese of the Week forecast examines the most popular cheeses, by week, for the next calendar year.

Cheese of the Week Forecast

Click here to explore the interactive version.

If your client was, say, a food and beverage company, they’d want to know what products and services to feature each week. Your agency’s pitch would showcase a credible planning calendar designed weeks or months in advance, with insights that no one else would have. You’d help them set ad budgets, pitch the right influencers, write great blog content in advance, even shoot killer video content and have it all ready to go when the client’s audience cares most about it.

Do you want to win more? Contact us today and let us help you win your next new business pitch with a Fastball that will leave your competitors in the dust.

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