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Insights: Connect

Does it ever feel like you’re making decisions in a vacuum?

Do you wish you had more relevant data to work with?

Trust Insights can help you. We’ll examine the data you have and match it with other datasets inside your company, as well as reputable, validated public datasets, to provide greater insights into the data you already have and know.

Think of it like spicing up a healthful but bland dish. We’ll add to the solid foundation you’ve already built with just the right amount of additional data and analysis.

Case Study

We recently studied customer service problems at two consumer stores to determine what key comments employees had about each. Using data from internal employee forums, we identified two very different narratives about very similar companies, a home improvement chain and an office supplies chain.

cross corr matrix

Customers and managers stealing and coworkers drunkenness surfaced significantly more in one company than another. Our conclusion: the unhappier employees also create a far worse customer experience. The worse-faring company performs substantially worse on employment-related search queries as well:

Home Improvement vs Office Supplies Job Search Queries

We see a significant deviation in 2009 between job search queries and the gap remains wider every year since. This, despite a massive recessions from 2009-2012 which should have dampened job search inquiries in home improvement, indicates just how different the cultures are and the long-term impact of a toxic culture on the ability to attract new talent.

By connecting internal data with public data, we discover the magnitude and impact of problems that private data alone might not illuminate.


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