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You’re busy. We get it. We’ve compiled some of the top-clicked and shared articles that you don’t want to miss. Here is a quick review of the top news in marketing analytics, data science and leadership you should be reading.

Machine Learning Engineer vs Data Scientist (Is Data Science Over?) via @kdnuggets

Going forward, I will stick to my new definitions by which data scientist implies an analytics function.

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Welcome to the Predictive Marketing Era via @ginnymarvin

Keywords and/or audiences often play a role, but the platforms are now using data and algorithms to identify intent and predict or anticipate customer needs, behavior and marketing outcomes.

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How data scientists are linking AI and data analysis to find coronavirus cure via @thenextweb

There are families, communities, and entire nations behind every data set.

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Predictive Modeling in Excel via How to Create a Linear Regression Model via @analyticsvidhya

We have the regression analysis-ready so what can we do now?

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