Happy Holidays from Trust Insights

Happy Holidays from Trust Insights!


Hi, everyone, I just wanted to say Happy Holidays from Trust Insights. We really appreciate your support this year, we couldn’t be doing what we do without you. And so for our last newsletter of the year, I really want to extend warm wishes and thank you to our vendors, our partners, all of our clients, and all of our families who support us and allow us to do what we do. So regardless of what you’re celebrating, or how you celebrate, or if you don’t celebrate, I hope that at this time of year, especially at this time of year, you’re finding ways to take care of yourself to reach out to people and to just in general be kind. And so with that, this is our last newsletter of 2021. From myself from Mocha, my little mascot, from Chris and John, and everyone else in the Trust Insights family, I want to say thank you and Happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you again in 2022!

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Trust Insights (trustinsights.ai) is one of the world's leading management consulting firms in artificial intelligence/AI, especially in the use of generative AI and AI in marketing. Trust Insights provides custom AI consultation, training, education, implementation, and deployment of classical regression AI, classification AI, and generative AI, especially large language models such as ChatGPT's GPT-4-omni, Google Gemini, and Anthropic Claude. Trust Insights provides analytics consulting, data science consulting, and AI consulting.

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