Insights: Foundation

Insights: Foundation is a service to help companies prepare for analysis. In the same way that you can’t cook a meal without the right tools and ingredients, Insights: Foundation fixes your infrastructure, company data, analytics, and more. Watch this short video to learn more:

We have decades of experience in database administration, data cleansing, normalization, ETL, as well as experience with major business data systems such as web analytics, CRM software, medical databases, and more.

Some use cases for our Insights: Foundation service include:

  • Marketing and advertising data/analytics repair
  • Inferred consumer behaviors from partial datasets
  • Augmentation and completion of security logs/data
  • Anomaly detection and repair in healthcare data
  • Business intelligence augmentation and completion
  • Supplementing engineering datasets

Insights: Foundation Case Study

Trust Insights examined the Medicare AHRQ Hospital Quality dataset, a nationwide analysis of hospitals’ adherence to Medicare best practices and procedures. In the public dataset, nearly 30% of the data is missing.

ahrq before

Using advanced machine learning technologies, we repaired the dataset, restoring approximately 30% of the lost data. In testing, the accuracy rate of the restored data is approximately 94%.

ahrq after


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