Predictive Analytics 4-Week Forecast Example

This four-week forecast provides prescriptive advice on any given report for what a marketing team could be doing to leverage audience interest.

For example, if you received this forecast on a Monday, you’d have the tasks you needed to plan for over the next four weeks. You’d start planning out content that will be due in four weeks, prepping and creating content that will be needed in 3 weeks, publishing content now that will need to be found by search engines over the next week, and promoting already-published content on social and paid channels this week.

Predictive Forecast for Cheese of the Week

4 Weeks Out: Plan Content for Week Of 2019-03-17

term importance
cheshire cheese 1
tilsit cheese 2
danbo cheese 3

3 Weeks Out: Prep Content for Week Of 2019-03-10

term importance
cheshire cheese 1
cabrales cheese 2
leyden cheese 3
oka cheese 4

Next Week: Publish Content for Week Of 2019-03-03

term importance
morbier cheese 1
cabrales cheese 2
oka cheese 3
leyden cheese 4
langres cheese 5

This Week: Promote Content for Week Of 2019-02-24

term importance
mizithra cheese 1
reggiano cheese 2
bufala cheese 3
castello cheese 4
oka cheese 5

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