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Do you know what data you have?

Do you know the value of the data you own?

If data is the new oil, then a shocking number of companies are sitting on massive reserves, not knowing where to dig or how to transform their data into analysis, insights, and impact. Without those transformations, data is no more useful than crude oil – more trouble than it’s worth in its raw form.

Trust Insights helps companies light up dark data, the data sitting around unused, or the data you forgot you had access to. We help you process and understand your data, then use it to guide your strategy and execution.

Case Study

A prominent cereal brand planned to launch a chain of boutique cereal diners to make cereal “sexy” and “appealing” to millennial audiences. However, they neglected the data they already had – massive numbers of conversations about cereal, about what people valued it for. When we examined hundreds of thousands of these conversations, we discovered what their customers truly valued:

cereal conversations

What customers deeply cared about was time – cereal gave parents a precious few minutes to themselves in the morning, to gather, to rest, to focus on the day ahead. It’s fast and easy to serve, kids love it, and it frees up minutes for parents to reflect.

When faced with the massive difference between the strategy – boutique diners that took time away from the audience’s day – and the customer’s wants, the need to pivot became clear.

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