With the job market changing as fast as it has been, having an effective presence on LinkedIn has never been more important. Yet much of the advice about how to use LinkedIn ignores a critical fact: LinkedIn uses some of the most advanced AI in the world to govern what you see and experience on the platform, and if you’re not working with it, it’s working against you.

You’re working hard, whether in your current position or seeking a new one. Is your LinkedIn profile working just as hard as you are? In this 45-minute free class, join Katie Robbert and Christopher Penn as they guide you through 8 key areas of LinkedIn and how to maximize your job hunting results, from building a better Linkedin profile to understanding how LinkedIn’s AI views your activities. You’ll learn:

  • What LinkedIn’s AI thinks about you and your activities
  • How to tune up your LinkedIn profile to capture attention
  • What activities you MUST do to be seen by LinkedIn’s algorithms
  • Which matters more, recommendations or endorsements?
  • Right and wrong ways to network with others (hint: “I’d like to add you to my professional network” is wrong)
  • How to measure your efforts

Note that this is all about helping you promote yourself on LinkedIn as an individual professional; this is not a class on how to market your company/product/services on LinkedIn. To take the class, sign in below.

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