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In-Ear Insights: The Trust Insights Podcast

In Ear Insights Trust Insights Podcast about Data and Analytics for MarketingIn-Ear Insights is the weekly audio podcast from Trust Insights. In each episode, learn practical, helpful tips for dealing with data, marketing analytics, marketing strategy, and other burning questions. Every episode is hot and fresh in 30 minutes or less, so you can listen on your commute, working out, at home, outdoors going for a walk, or in the office and still have plenty of time for other shows.

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Recent Episodes of In-Ear Insights

  • Marketing Insights Q&A: Digital Channel Strategy
    Welcome to another Marketing Insights Q&A. Today’s question we’re answering is: Does every brand have to have a presence on all the digital channels, or does it have the liberty to choose a few? Example, should we invest in social media, search engine marketing, search optimization, video marketing etc. at the same time? Two answers to this question ...
  • Fighting Dark Data with CEO Katie Robbert
    What is dark data, and how do we combat it? In this episode of The Difference, the podcast of sister company Brain+Trust Partners, listen to Trust Insights CEO Katie Robbert as she discusses dark data, organizational theory, and how effectively managing the people creating the data is the fastest path to lighting up dark data. Don’t ...

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