2019 Success Foundation Package

2019 Success Foundation Package for Marketers

The new year is almost upon us, believe it or not, and it’s time to think about your 2019 marketing planning. Preparing for it means having your house in order – a strong foundation of data, useful analytics that explain what happened, impactful insights that help you understand why, and a clear strategy and path forward.

To help you close out the year strong and lay the foundation for a strong 2019, let’s build that foundation. Here’s how:

First, we’ll get your marketing analytics aligned to best practices, such as:

  • Proper setup of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Appropriate conversion tracking and estimated goal values
  • Retargeting and remarketing of your audiences
  • Digital attribution analysis to understand what’s working for you – and what’s not
  • Audit of your marketing infrastructure and governance

Past customers have said:

  • “This audit helped us tremendously – it would have taken us months to figure out what you did in just a day.” – a large¬† interactive agency
  • “Trust Insights are the best of the best – I can’t recommend them highly enough.” – Mitch Joel, founder, Six Pixels Group


For customers who book a 2019 Success Foundation package prior to November 15, we’ll also create a predictive content calendar for the next 52 weeks, helping guide your content marketing, advertising, and planning for 2019.

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