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Next-Level Twitter Marketing Analytics

From Popes and presidents to you and me, Twitter is the digital watercooler so many of us hang out at. It’s often the sole source of influencer marketing data and interactions, it’s the short soundbites that make the evening news, and… it’s often measured incredibly poorly.

Go beyond likes and followers to develop marketing insights from Twitter that actually matter. In this talk by Trust Insights Chief Data Scientist Christopher S. Penn, you’ll learn:

  • Why we make bad Twitter analytics choices
  • The Twitter analytics process
  • Best practices for Twitter analytics and measurement
  • How to see Twitter’s overall impact
  • Hands-on tutorial for building a Twitter analytics dashboard in Google Data Studio

This talk includes the video, MP3 for your favorite audio player, slides, and transcript. Fill out this short form to register for the on-demand session, then download the session materials whenever you want.

Next Level Twitter Analytics

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