Our whitepapers examine problems that you might have in your business, and one potential way for you to solve those problems. Take a look at what’s possible:

Powering Modern SEO with Social Media Data

What makes search engine optimization work in 2021? How will search marketers adjust to ever more sophisticated AI algorithms? Advances in artificial intelligence have negated or even made harmful old, traditional search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Search marketers who seek growth from organic search traffic must now compete not only against other direct competitors but...

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Social Media 2020: Where to Invest Time and Resources in Social Media Marketing

The past 18 months have been tumultuous as major social media platforms have made significant quality of life changes that have impacted both consumers and brands. With all these changes, it's difficult to know what to plan for in the coming year with social media marketing. Will Facebook continue to rule the roost? Is Twitter...

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Powering Customer Experience with Predictive Analytics – Free WhitePaper

How much time do marketers spend planning, talking, thinking, dreaming, wondering - and not actually doing? Too much time. It can be overwhelming to know what the right move is, especially when money and metrics are involved. You don’t want to waste money, you don’t want to waste your time, and you don’t want to fail...

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Fixing LinkedIn Sharing Counts with Machine Learning

 Missing data is the bane of every industry and profession that aspires to be data-driven. Few things are worse, however, than having data and then having access to the data revoked by a third party. This is the situation that content marketers find themselves in today as social networks restrict more and more access...

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