Data In The Headlights Quarterly CEO Update, 26 July 2018

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It seems everywhere you turn today, you hear about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to take over your jobs. It’s not quite that dire, but there are a few things you should know to stay ahead of the curve, such as:

  • How your analytics can drive your strategy;
  • How to build confidence in your metrics;
  • How to pull helpful insights from your CRM data; and
  • What kinds of content you should create based on predictive analytics.

But it’s not just data and analytics that are top-of-mind for most. It’s also the customer experience, strategic planning and figuring out how to out of their own way. We all want to know how to more effectively run our organizations and the programs that affect our growth. Here are some solutions:

  • Are you stumped by low employee morale and turnover? As it turns out, machine learning can help you with that. Here is how you can understand employee sentiment with machine learning—quickly, easily, and with the click of a button. How will you use this inside your organization?
  • Are you buried under mountains of qualitative data and not able to get to the heart of your customer issues? As you know, it’s far less expensive (and more effective) to keep current customers than to generate new ones. Check out how emotional customer complaints will affect your profitability and keep you on the hamster wheel of customer acquisition
  • Are you struggling to figure out where to spend your marketing budget? The latest shiny new object is hard to avoid, but is it where you should spend time, money, or other resources? Learn how you can use marketing analytics and machine learning to maximize your digital channels.

Sometimes though, it’s not as simple as saving time and making more money. Sometimes it’s about getting people to listen. Let’s get real for a minute—there is a lot going on in this world that is bigger than whether or not a tag is firing correctly.

When there are things going on that feel like they are out of control, it impacts our ability to run our businesses and do our jobs. We want to help, we want to pitch in, we want our voices heard, we want to affect change. The question on our minds is “where can I make a difference?” or even, “where do I start?”

Caring about the issues is a huge step. For example, we saw in the last election that the reason many people didn’t vote was because they didn’t care. Exercising your right to vote has an impact on the final outcome and lets the decision makers know what you want to see happen.
How do you take action with data?

You could use this data to educate people about the importance of voting. That could be a blog, podcast, social post, even something internal to your company. Data can inform your day-to-day tactical plans, as well as your larger strategies. Anecdotes and assumptions alone carry very little credibility. Use data to tell your story and get your point across.

Want to learn more about our deep dive into voter registration data? It’s all here

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