Marketing Analytics, Data Science and Leadership – June 14, 2021 Week In Review

You’re busy. We get it. We’ve compiled some of the top-clicked and shared articles that you don’t want to miss. Here is a quick review of the top news in marketing analytics, data science, and leadership you should be reading.

How AI is spinning the game of Content Marketing: Get ready for the future via @RWW

OneSpot, Granify, CaliberMind, and Personyze are tools that use machine learning to provide personalized content experiences that ultimately increase engagement and conversions.

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Google Announces New Reporting Features in GA4 via @hoffman8

There will also be two new reports: the conversion paths report and the model comparison report.

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IBM releases AI model toolkit to help developers measure uncertainty via @venturebeat

Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy.

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How to Use Wolfram Alpha for Marketing Research via @neilpatel

With the continuous growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and the ever-collecting stores of data, there’s a better way to view and use existing marketing data.

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