Ask a "Silly" Question

Ask a "Silly" Question

One of the things we love doing most, whether it’s on our blog, podcast, newsletter, YouTube channel, or Slack community, is answering your questions about marketing analytics. However, some people feel hesitant to ask “silly” or “stupid” questions (even though there’s no such thing) in public venues for fear of being perceived as less knowledgeable, questions that start with words like:

  • “I feel silly asking this, but…”
  • “I know I should know this, but…”
  • “Don’t judge me, but…”
  • “Everyone else probably already knows this, but…”

So, let’s work around that. Got a marketing analytics question you want an answer to, but want to ask it anonymously? Ask here, and we’ll answer it in one of our public channels (blog, newsletter, etc.) so you get what you need without having to put your name to it.

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