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Data and Analytics Fundamentals

You’re sitting on a treasure trove, a gold mine of insights just waiting to be tapped. Let us help extract those insights and turn them into massive business impact.

Data & Analytics Fundamentals

Our analytics fundamentals services help you put your house in order. From the basics of marketing technology to preparing your data for artificial intelligence, we’ll help you find firm footing with your data. Services include:

  • Google Analytics best practices
  • Tag Management setup / validation
  • Interactive digital marketing dashboards
  • Website / landing page optimization
  • SEO audits
  • Social media audits
  • Social media analytics
  • Influencer analytics
  • Process management
  • Content marketing analytics
  • Data/marketing technology governance
  • Data preparation for machine learning/AI

Instant Case Study: SEO

Artificial intelligence isn’t a magic wand that we wave at our problems to solve them instantly. However, properly used, it’s a way to achieve better, faster, more efficient results than with human labor alone. Nowhere is this more visible than in SEO. Using machine learning techniques such as predictive analytics and text mining, Trust Insights has boosted the search traffic and rankings for websites under our care with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Predictive analytics techniques help us understand what content is likely to perform well during specific periods of time. In just one month’s time, optimizing existing content, Trust Insights boosted Marketing Over Coffee’s organic search traffic by 11% year-over-year:

MOC SEO Results

How We Help You With Data & Analytics Fundamentals

The DIY Option: our blog, podcast, and newsletter contain helpful guides and tips every week.

The “Do It With Help” Option: contact Trust Insights about on-site intensives, bootcamps, executive briefings, workshops, and more.

The “Do It For Me” Option: contact Trust Insights for full service consulting on all your data and analytics foundational needs.


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