You put a lot of thought and effort into your marketing strategy. Why not let Trust Insights give you a competitive edge with deeper insights into your programs? We use machine learning and advanced analytics to get to the heart of your data to inform your marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy services offered:

Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing mix modeling is a machine learning-based set of technologies that are designed to help marketers understand whether their investments in various marketing channels and tactics are performing well.

Digital Customer Journey

The Digital Customer Journey focuses solely on which touch points contribute to conversions. Our machine learning model most closely mimics how humans interact with a large selection of digital marketing channels.

Most Valuable Pages

While the Digital Customer Journey looks at external marketing channels, the Most Valuable Pages analysis looks at which pages on your own website are doing the heavy lifting and contributing to conversions.

Digital Footprint Competitive Analysis

How do you stack up against your competitors across the major digital channels? In this report, we look at Search, Social, Owned, Earned, and Paid to give you a birds-eye view of the strength and weaknesses of your marketing program.

Predictive Forecasting

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know not only what to publish, but when? What if you could use your own data to understand trends and seasonality? Some examples of you how you can make use of a predictive forecast:

  • Content planning
  • Search
  • Ad budgeting
  • Social posting

Brand Measurement

How strong is your brand? What is the sentiment around your brand and what do your customers talk about?


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