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Data and Analytics Insights

Data is an ingredient, a raw material. By itself, it’s not useful. Once extracted, transformed, and refined into analysis and insights, it becomes a powerful tool for business.

Data & Analytics Insights

Once your data is in order, it’s time to start creating value from it. We’ll help you find the needles in the haystacks and identify insights that will deliver impact, using cutting-edge techniques and technologies like machine learning.

  • CRM data analysis
  • Call center/customer service conversation analysis
  • Digital market research
  • Customer journey analytics

Insights Case Study

Read how we discovered that one of Olive Garden’s weakest links in its overall strategy was an unexpected side effect of a key dish. Using machine learning technologies, we uncovered what made employees most unhappy in over 2,000 Glassdoor reviews.

How We Help You With Data & Analytics Insights

The DIY Option: our blog, podcast, and newsletter contain helpful guides and tips every week.

The “Do It With Help” Option: contact Trust Insights about on-site intensives, bootcamps, corporate conference speaking, executive briefings, workshops, and more.

The “Do It For Me” Option: contact Trust Insights for full service consulting on all your data and analytics insights needs.

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