Identifying Influencers at Adobe Summit and MKTGnation

Identifying Influencers at Adobe Summit and #MKTGnation

Trust Insights’ event heat maps are an easy way to identify who the influencers are at an event. In the past, people would monitor social media to see the most active people at events based on their posts, or (even less relevant) their follower counts.

Taking the lead from Search Engines (who copied the concept from academia) our event analysis looks deeper to see who is the most talked about. In other words, what content is the most referenced and linked to? A multi-million follower celebrity account at an event, posting a few shots on Instagram is little help if their bot-army of followers isn’t going to take any action after seeing the photos.

DF18 Heatmap

In the heatmap we can see who’s driving the conversation. These are always popular images when we share them on social media as a daily report of what’s happening at the event, but the real value is in the final output of data – the list of all the influencers and their social accounts so that you can then include them in your marketing programs.

I was going over our event watch calendar last month with Greg Poirier of CloudKettle, they are the subject matter experts I turn to when we have questions on and Marketo data. Greg mentioned that it will be an interesting year for the Marketo Marketing Nation, as it is being rolled into the Adobe Summit as part of Adobe acquiring Marketo in September 2018.

From a data standpoint this is a unique opportunity to see the influencers from both communities, measure the relative size of content generated, and measure any overlap.

Summit v MKTGnation

So far the Adobe Summit is outpacing #MKTGnation by a ratio of 50:1. This information is of little value at this point as we expect interactions to increase exponentially as we get within a week of the event start on March 24. But this is an interesting starting point, we’ll see how the 50:1 ratio holds when the show heats up, and who rises to the top.


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