madconNYC bootcamp

Trust Insights in Brooklyn May 11th

madconNYC is running May 12-13 in Brooklyn and we’re going to be doing a pre-conference bootcamp limited to 20 attendees.

Christopher and John will run a hands-on session covering:

  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics: learn what predictive analytics is, why it’s vitally important to your digital marketing strategy, and how it’s used in real-life case studies with data you already know
  • Data Science 101 for Marketers: explore the new world of data science as it applies to marketing, from what data science is – and isn’t – to how to hire either staff or agencies, how to evaluate vendor claims, and how to start building your data science skills to further your career.
  • Building a Data-Driven Customer Journey: a practical, hands-on approach to building a customer journey map using data from Google Analytics and cutting-edge techniques, plus what to do with the data to create business impact.

There will also be two slots open in the morning for one-on-one sessions with Chris and John. With these sessions, you’ll provide Trust Insights with access to your web analytics and we’ll have our Most Valuable Pages report and attribution reporting if you’ve got your goals set up correctly (otherwise you’ll get a checklist of what you need to do to get up and running!)

All Bootcamp tickets include your badge for madconNYC which runs the next two days, May 12&13. We would love to see you there and get a chance to work with you face to face. Learn more and register here!


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