Websites like Glassdoor shed light on issues such as turnover and morale for employees. However, companies struggle with the sheer volume of unstructured, free-text content on these sites. How long would it take to read thousands of reviews and derive useful insights from them? By the time we read through them all, conditions in our workplaces may have drastically changed.

Just as consumers check Yelp before patronizing a business, potential employees check Glassdoor before applying for jobs. How could companies access that data and transform it into powerful insights that inform strategy?

Machine learning technology – specifically text mining – offers organizations the opportunity to unlock incredible value, identify key issues, and quantify sentiment around those issues from unstructured data.

Download the case study below (no registration required) to read more about how Trust Insights found out that while an “unlimited” offer is great for customers at a casual dining establishment, it could be the reason for employee turnover and low morale.

pdf128Olive Garden Case Study (PDF)

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