Maximizing Conversion Value with Marketing Analytics and Machine Learning

The promise of digital marketing and the democratization of publishing tools was to put all brands on equal footing. The brands with the most skill at digital marketing and content creation would win, regardless of size. As advertising crept into the Internet, larger companies seized the advantage with big budgets and resources.

spinsuckscasestudyforecastHowever, the introduction of machine learning technology is leveling the playing field once more – for now. Bigger brands, plagued with inertia and aging infrastructure, are not able to adopt new technologies as quickly, creating an opening for more nimble companies to use machine learning to seize market share.

With machine learning, attribution analysis is more precise and nuanced; you will understand the true impact of digital marketing channels, even with dozens or hundreds of steps leading to a conversion. Once you understand what truly drives business impact, you will extend your advantage using machine learning and predictive analytics to forecast likely business outcomes.

Learn how one publisher – Spin Sucks, a public relations training and professional development website – used machine learning and marketing analytics to identify what was really driving business results, then created an editorial calendar using predictive analytics to drive maximum impact.


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