Data Science 101 Workshop

Data science is the hottest thing since sliced bread. LinkedIn has indicated that open job positions for data scientists is up a whopping 11,500% year over year. Yet many marketers feel like data science is an unreachable, mystical discipline shrouded in mystery. Join Trust Insights Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn to learn what marketing data science is, how it relates to marketing analytics and machine learning, and practical tips for using popular data science techniques to make your marketing insights more valuable.

In this 90-minute data science course for marketers, learn what data science is, why it matters to marketers, and how to embark on your marketing data science journey. You’ll learn:

  • How to build a KPI map
  • How to analyze and explore Google Analytics data
  • How to construct a valid hypothesis
  • Basics of centrality, distribution, regression, clustering, and other data analysis techniques
  • Essential soft skills
  • How to hire data science professionals or agencies

The data science course comes with the video, audio recording, PDF of the slides, automated transcript, example KPI map, and sample workbook with data.

Data Science 101


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