Companies come to us when they’re not generating enough results from their descriptive analytics and they don’t know what to do next. Beyond describing what happened, marketers are being pressured to come up with concrete plans about what’s likely to happen and what to do about it in order to maximize business results.

We help you by applying advanced data science and machine learning technology to your data to forecast, predict, and transform your analytics into concrete actions.

When we’re done, clients create campaigns, content, and advertising that is timed to when their audiences care most about any given topic, and understand what channels to allocate resources to most. Clients invest in what’s working most, and deliver higher marketing results.

Predictive Analytics

  • 4 week content forecasts
  • Half-year content forecasts
  • Ad forecasts
  • Social media forecasts
  • SEO forecasts

Customer Journeys

  • Digital journey mapping
  • Channel effectiveness
  • AI-powered attribution analysis

Influencer Marketing

  • Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring/Reporting

Content Analytics

  • Most Valuable Pages
  • Key Industry Topics
  • Industry Trends Analysis

Case Study Snapshot

Listen to Jason Falls, director of digital and social strategy at Cornett, an ad agency in Kentucky, as he relates his experiences working with Trust Insights on some of their most challenging advanced analytics and data challenges.

Jason Falls Testimonial : Trust Insights

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