Google Analytics Digital Customer Journey Map

Google Analytics Digital Customer Journey MapAs a marketer, you’ve done a great job being everywhere your future customers are. You’ve started a blog, maybe a podcast, you post to YouTube and crosspost to Medium. You hang out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and install every new app on your phone as soon as early adopters say it’s cool. You publish like crazy, from email newsletters to guest posts to pitching your content with public relations. You’ve checked every marketing box you can.

But then you look at your analytics. What’s really working?

Google Analytics is a great starting place, but it doesn’t give you concrete answers about what specific tactics like Facebook are working.

And Google Analytics definitely does not tell you in what order your customers interact with you across channels.

Thus, you tend to put every message on every channel and then see activity, engagement, and conversion decline.

Wouldn’t it be better for you to focus on the channels that are really working?

Wouldn’t it be better for your customers to receive messages that are aligned with where they are in their journey to conversion?

Trust Insights Digital Customer Journey Mapping helps solve these problems for you. Using your Google Analytics data and advanced artificial intelligence technology, we do the hard work of understanding every interaction a customer has with you on every digital channel up to the moment of goal completion. The result is a one-page chart that helps you understand what channels are delivering for you and what customers want to hear from you – and when.

Purchase a Digital Customer Journey Map below for $899 and start focusing on what’s really working for you and your customers today. Contact us for subscription options such as quarterly or monthly versions.

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