Save Time and Money With Automated Content Curation

The Problem

Curating content that your prospects and customers find useful, relevant, and worth sharing is the cornerstone of modern social media strategy: share 70% high-quality content to serve your audience, and share 30% promotional content to provide value to your business. The problem is, content curation takes time – lots of it. An employee or retained PR staff member spends anywhere from 8-40 hours a month scouring the web for content to share. Agencies bill an average of $125/hour for the most junior person to do content curation, costing $1,000 – $5,000 per month for effective content curation.

Solution: Automated Content Curation

We save you time and money with our Automated Content Curation service. Once a week, you receive a spreadsheet of the best content, relevant to your company and industry, saving you hours of work or thousands of dollars in billable time with your agency.

How it Works

Trust Insights scans thousands of articles every month,  scores them based on key metrics such as social media engagement, traffic, and topical relevance, then bundles them up into a simple, easy to use spreadsheet.

In the Basic subscription, choose up to 5 of 36 industry categories such as technology, finance, healthcare, and others and receive the top 10-15 articles each week formatted for your social sharing software. Upgrade to the Power subscription and you’ll work with one of our data scientists to build a custom model for specific niches, less prominent (but highly relevant) publications, and advanced content analytics.

Case Studies

For several B2B technology companies, we saved approximately 30 hours per week for social media teams, an opportunity cost savings of thousands of dollars.

For a tech CEO, our software not only saved time, but improved their social engagement by 13% year-over-year and account growth by 38.8% year-over-year.

Getting Started

Set up and basic curation of 10-15 articles a week (40-60 articles a month) is $1,995. Monthly content delivery is $995 a month with an annual subscription.

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