Community is the new content, it’s said, and a community which supports you is the best defense against everything from reputation crises to economic downturns. How do you create a valuable community? Use the Trust Insights 9C Community Management Framework:

  • Content: a vibrant community needs valuable content provided on a regular, frequent basis so that even lurkers get value from it.
  • Conversation: one or more stewards or ambassadors needs to be starting conversations and asking questions regularly, partly to see where members’ heads are, and partly just to keep things active.
  • Common Interest: a community can’t be everything to everyone. Have a focus.
  • Caring: encourage through example caring for the members of the community, from acknowledging simple things like birthdays/anniversaries to dealing with individual crises.
  • Connection: a community is more than the sum of the individuals. Work to connect members with each other and help them provide value to each other.
  • Control: vigorously patrol and enforce your code of conduct, weeding out spammers and other bad actors.
  • Concourse: choose a platform which allows for unrestricted interaction among the community. Avoid platforms like Facebook which have algorithms that hide your community.
  • Cue: remind people on a regular basis that the community is waiting for them, from notifications to emails.
  • Calibration: constantly measure and adjust efforts to keep the community vibrant.

Instant Insights: 8C Community Management Framework

Download a full page PDF here.

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