There’s no question that marketing is hungrier for content than ever before, but generating content at scale can be a daunting task. Fortunately, if you follow the Video-First Transmedia Content Framework, one piece of video can become many, many pieces of content. Originally coined by friend and colleague Todd Defren in 2008 as part of the social media press release, content atomization is about taking one piece of content and splitting it into many.

No format serves this better than video, the richest, most information-dense form of content, which is why it’s at the heart of our Video-First Transmedia Content Framework.

Instant Insights: The Video-First Transmedia Content Framework

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Think about what video contains. Sound. Moving pictures. Words. All those pieces of content can be broken apart. From one piece of video, we extract audio to turn into podcasts and transcripts; we turn short video clips into stories and animations like GIFs, still frames to social posts, and full-length videos to native, video-first networks. Today’s tools and powerful computers make short work of this kind of atomization, with software like Camtasia, Audacity, FFMPEG, and You can record a single 10-minute video and turn it into a 1,500 word blog post and a podcast episode in under 30 minutes.

Instead of trying to make new content for every channel, make rich content with video and then split it up to maximize the impact of your ideas.

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