As social media continues to be over-saturated with content, it’s become harder and harder to create branded content with a distribution process that actually delivers results. It’s time to become true experts in our own brand media—specifically when it comes to our data.

What if we told you there’s more money to make from your data? And that we can help you find hidden customer data within your content?

From machine learning to content intelligence technology, we’ll show you how to turn your new findings into powerful guidance on what content to create for your customers before, or as, it goes viral, and how to mine their brand’s customer services inboxes and content for hidden data and insights they never knew they had.

You’ll learn about:

  • Unstructured data-mining and machine learning
  • How to abstract hidden customer data from your brand’s content
  • How to turn your data findings into new, successful content
  • The AI-powered content marketing lifecycle
  • Explore the tools your brand can use today

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