Brand engagement on instagramWe’re all familiar with the catchphrase “Doing it For the ‘Gram” which folks tend to utter as they take a photo for their Instagram feed. We do a lot for the ‘Gram as marketers producing social media content – photos, videos, albums, shows. The question we have to ask, as marketers, is… is the ‘Gram doing it for us? Are we getting any results out of it? Do we see any improvement in our Instagram accounts? In this presentation from the Agorapulse Instagram Summit, Trust Insights Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn digs into what’s working on Instagram in one of the largest datasets on the subject.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The difference in Instagram account performance between influencers and brands
  • How many hashtags the most successful Instagram posts use
  • Whether there is or isn’t a best time to post on Instagram
  • How often brands and influencers post on Instagram and still get engagement
  • What brand and influencer accounts see for Instagram engagement rates

Trust Insights extracted over 2.5 million Instagram posts from April 1, 2020 onwards from 4,000 brands and 9,000+ individual influencers to give you the most comprehensive examination of what’s working today on Instagram. Get your copy of what’s working on Instagram now!

Is the Gram Doing it For You?

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