No one disputes that video is an essential part of content marketing today. According to the most recent Internet Minute statistics, YouTube users alone watch 4.3 million videos EVERY MINUTE. Netflix users watch 266,000 hours of video every minute. YouTube is commonly cited as the second largest search engine in the world, with users looking for instructions on how to do nearly everything imaginable.

As a marketer, if you’re just posting videos and hoping to be found, your chances of success are not good. Competing for share of video search requires more than just “build it and they will come”. Optimizing your videos for findability is essential.

In this 30 minute, on-demand webinar, you’ll learn the basics of video SEO: tagging, keywords, descriptions, thumbnails, and more.

Put these video search optimization basics into practice and you stand a better chance of being one of the 4.3 million videos watched every minute.

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