What, Why, and How: Analytics Foundations of B2B Marketing

What, Why, How: Foundations of B2B Marketing Analytics

With the right B2B marketing analytics foundations, your B2B marketing will be set up for success.

Without them, you’re building a business on quicksand at best.

Join Trust Insights CEO Katie Robbert and Chief Data Scientist Christopher S. Penn to set yourself up to win in this strategy-focused look at B2B digital marketing analytics, delivered at the 2021 MarketingProfs B2B Forum.

At the end of this session, you will be able to…
– Create a B2B analytics strategy with Google Analytics
– Explain why things happened and use advanced attribution analysis
– Use predictive content marketing analytics for forecasting your B2B content calendar
– Use prescriptive content analysis to understand what content truly boosts conversion

What’s covered in the session:

  • Introduction
    • Presenters: Christopher Penn and Katie Robbert, co-founders of Trust Insights
    • Agenda overview:
      • Creating a B2B analytics strategy with Google Analytics
      • Using attribution analysis to explain why things happened
      • Using predictive analytics for content marketing forecasting
      • Using prescriptive analytics to understand conversion-boosting content
  • Google Analytics Evolution
    • Transition from Universal Analytics (GA3) to GA4
    • Key differences:
      • GA4 separates data collection, analysis, and reporting into different tools
      • Recommend running GA3 and GA4 in parallel during transition
  • Building the Analytics Foundation
    • Like having the right appliances and ingredients before baking a cake
    • GA4 works well for websites + mobile apps
    • Must get tracking set up properly before any other analytics
  • Basic Reporting
    • Answering “What happened?”
    • Use Google Data Studio for automated reporting
    • Design reports around key metrics and user needs
  • Attribution Analysis
    • Answering “Why did it happen?”
    • Shows impact of marketing channels and content on conversions
    • Helps determine where to prioritize and invest
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Forecasting what will happen in future
    • Time series forecasts using machine learning
    • Plan content calendars, email sends, etc. based on future trends
  • Prescriptive Analytics
    • Understanding what content actually boosts conversions
    • Optimize and repurpose high-converting content
    • Identify “hidden gems” to re-promote

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What, Why, How: Foundations of B2B Marketing Analytics

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