2019 Key Marketing Trends ForecastIf there’s one thing people love doing, it’s prognosticating about what the future will bring. What will the future hold, what trends should we be watching, and what should we do to prepare?

Fellow marketing technologist Scott Brinker recently pointed out that a number of trend predictions come across as awfully self-serving:

Am I too cynical about “predictions for 2019” posts? More than a few seem to conflate a company’s own hopes/goals with prognostications about what the market will do independent of them. Is it snarky to ask, “How did your predictions for 2018 work out?” A little snarky. – https://twitter.com/chiefmartec/status/1072181145809362945

What if, instead of relying solely on gut instinct or experience, we predicted the future using actual data? What would the future hold in a data-driven trend prediction? To find out, we decided to ask the world, by way of examining search data. Search data, unlike conversation, indicates intent – to learn more, to find something, to take an action. What are people searching for in the major topics of marketing, and what will they be searching for in the year to come? We examined more than 2,000 different marketing topics and forecasted your marketing future from them:

Midyear 2019 Trends report

In this report, we reveal which technologies and trends will be most popular for the rest of 2019, which will decline in popularity, what trends will break out, and where not to spend your time, all based on real world data collected from millions of users.

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