A key question in social media marketing is, “What are the industry standards/benchmarks?” for any number of statistics. However, finding appropriate, timely benchmarks can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. We recently came across a website charging $50 for a single influencer benchmark for Instagram using old 2017 data.

So, we took it upon ourselves to do our own analysis of top influencer content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, providing useful benchmarks for influencer marketing that you can use for your own initiatives. What performance benchmarks should you expect from influencers on these platforms? We analyzed 50,000 influencers on each social platform – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – to find key metrics and measures like this:

2019 Social Media Influencer Benchmarks

What should you do with this report?

  • Set audience and engagement expectations for influencers you hire
  • Choose social channels for influencer marketing based on your goals
  • Scale back on channels where influencers aren’t as impactful

Download the full report here, including methodology, influencer engagement rates for different kinds of influencers from mega-stars to nano-influencers, and more:

2019 Social Media Influencer Benchmarks

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