The Custom GPT Red Teaming Kit

Enterprising AI enthusiasts and brands are rolling out OpenAI’s Custom GPTs – specially-trained versions of ChatGPT – for commercial use. However, many of these Custom GPTs are poorly tested or untested, creating potential risks for both data security and reputation damage. How do you mitigate risks? Through the discipline of red teaming – attempting to break your own software and then patching vulnerabilities you identify.

The Trust Insights Custom GPT Red Teaming Kit offers a practical, step by step methodology for red teaming your Custom GPT. You’ll learn the Trust Insights 5P Framework, how to invert it to anticipate threats, and how to write antidotes to those threats. The toolkit has exercises for you to perform on your Custom GPT, and when you’re done, you’ll be much more confident in how your Custom GPT will work – the way you intended it.

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Custom GPT Red Teaming Kit

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