2020 05 12 10 02 02The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed marketing’s narrative. What was business as usual for the first couple months of the year became business unusual since, and with a timeframe measured in months and years, the impact of COVID-19 will continue to be felt for quite some time. 

To help marketers like you understand where audiences are spending their time and how they’ve changed their behaviors, Talkwalker and Trust Insights teamed up to analyze day-by-day data for over 60 different social networks, from the biggest tech companies to niches you’ve probably never heard of.

In this brand new report and webinar, you’ll learn which networks grew the most in the early weeks of the pandemic, which networks are holding onto their audiences, and the three big trends to take advantage of as we navigate the ever-changing situation. You’ll see practical examples of brands and techniques, Action Steps and takeaways at each major trend, and ways to pivot your marketing.

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Social Media Audience Trends During The Pandemic

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