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Where Can I Get The Slides? Will The Slides Be Available?

Two of the most common questions we’re asked at keynotes and events are, “Where Can I Get The Slides? Will The Slides Be Available?”. The answer is yes, here they are. Tap on the event to go to the slides for that event.

Is the Gram Doing It For You?

How to Use Natural Language Processing For Content Marketing

Competitive Social Media Analytics

Predictive Analytics and the Customer Experience

5 Applications of AI For Content Marketing at CMC

Data Science 101 for Marketers

Proving Social Media ROI at SMMW20

Applications of AI for Inbound Marketing at IMF20

5 Applications of AI & ML for Marketing Campaigns #MTechSummit

Paradise By The Analytics Dashboard Light #MPB2B

5 Practical Applications of AI For Marketing Technology

Click/tap the button for the talk materials of your choice.

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