INBOX INSIGHTS, March 2, 2022: How Can I Help Ukraine?

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How Can I Help Ukraine?

I don’t know about you, but I find myself trying to breathe more deeply these days every time I open a social platform, check my email, or catch the news.

With that, we’re skipping the usual newsletter this week. No sales pitches, no data. We’re all still working, still creating, still producing. But if you’re like me then your focus is likely elsewhere, as are your immediate priorities.

I won’t recap everything that has happened in the world in the past week – you didn’t come here for that. What I will do is offer some resources that you might find useful right now.

This is borrowed from Chris’ personal newsletter:

If you want to help Ukraine militarily, the National Bank of Ukraine has a special fund set up. Instructions for donations are here; the bank has streamlined the process and you can now use any credit or debit card along with Google Pay. Currency conversion is also automatically handled for you.

If you want to help Ukraine non-militarily, the Red Cross and Red Crescent of Ukraine is in urgent need of donations for helping the injured.

Building on what Chris has listed, here are some resources that I have chosen to support:

World Central Kitchen – WCK is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. We build resilient food systems with locally-led solutions.

Wherever there’s a fight so that hungry people may eat … we’ll be there.” – Chef José Andrés

For those wanting to know how to help people that are fleeing Ukraine with pets, here is a round-up of helpful resources that have been vetted by the International Foundation of Animal Welfare.

Lithuania’s Director of State Food and Veterinary Service, Mantas Staškevičius, said, “We cannot be unconcerned about the people running from this horrible situation. Many Ukrainians will be traveling with their beloved pets, so we will help to find them the safest shelter.

If donating or volunteering is not within your capacity, that’s ok. We’re still working through a pandemic and have stretched ourselves thin. Instead, reach out to your network and share these resources so that others have access to them. Additionally, you can offer a shoulder to cry on, encourage empathy, and be kind.

We’ll return to our usual newsletter next week. Until then, take care of yourself and others.

– Katie Robbert, CEO

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One thought on “INBOX INSIGHTS, March 2, 2022: How Can I Help Ukraine?

  1. World Central Kitchen lets people check to see if their employer will match their donation. It is a wonderful resource to consider.

    Thank you for posting this and standing with Ukraine!

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