Insights: Predict

No one successfully drives a vehicle using only the mirrors. To be successful, we need to know where we’ve been, react to what’s happening now, and see the road ahead. With Insights: Predict, Trust Insights helps you navigate the future using predictive analytics. Watch this short video explanation:

Use cases for predictive analytics include:

  • Customer Service Outcomes
  • Revenue Forecasting & Finance
  • Likelihood of delay/failure in logistics and operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Forecasting production in manufacturing
  • Medical outcomes

Watch a demo of our Marketing Monthly Forecast Service to predict customer demand.

Watch a demo of our Predictive Customer Journey Analytics to determine which channels to invest in.

Case Study

Consider the behavior of someone searching for “outlook out of office”. What else might they be doing? Logically, someone looking for that feature doesn’t want to read email for a while; they may be out sick, on vacation, or even leaving their job. Thus, if we could predict when that search term would be highest, we could advise a marketer when to send email or not send email, as well as when to focus on other forms of communication or take a break entirely.

Demand When Will People Be Reading Their Email?


Using this behavior and predictive analytics, we forecast at the end of one year when email programs would be most impactful in the coming year. In the time since this prediction was made, we had the opportunity to go back and validate the prediction and found it to be 100% accurate thus far:

email actuals 2018

We see that a company using email marketing has exactly the predicted pattern of email traffic.

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