Cheese of the week 2022

Cheese of the week Predictive Forecast 2022 edition

I cannot believe it’s been two whole years since we gave you a new cheese of the week forecast! Where does the time go?

This is the predictive forecast from 2020 (how did we do?)

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If you’re familiar – each year we publish a predictive forecast using Google Trends data and a keyword list of, you guessed it, cheese! This keyword lists as many different kinds of cheeses as we can possibly think of. Then, using Google Trends, we export 5 years of historical search data.

Using that data, and our S-ARIMA model, we projected forward 52 weeks to understand which type of cheese would be the most popular search on any given week.

cheese of the week analysis 2022

You can see, unsurprisingly, that halloumi is going to be most popular In August. Why? It’s a great cheese to grill with as it holds its form. August, in the United States, is the summer season when people do a lot of their cooking outside on a grill.

You can view the full analysis here: Cheese of the week 2022 edition

What do you do with this kind of information?

Create Content

Like any other keyword list, you want to create content around the most popular terms. The difference here is that now you also know the timing of when to have the content ready and published. This should inform how to build out your editorial calendar. If you know that halloumi is going to be trending for the next six weeks, you have an opportunity to explore the topic from all angles. What is it, how do you use it, where can you get it, what are the alternatives, and what are the health benefits? You can create video, audio, and text, and use that content across a variety of marketing channels. This will make sure you’re helping your audience find answers, and find you! You can read more about the transmedia framework here:

Ad planning

Not only can you create content, but you can also use the timing of the trends to inform when you should invest more or less into paid campaigns. If halloumi is trending in August, you want to be sure you put more money behind that keyword. Perhaps you invest less in cotija during this time frame because the search volume isn’t as high.

We like to use cheese as an example for our predictive forecast because it’s a universally understood topic. Imagine a forecast like this with YOUR keyword list.

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