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As a marketer, you’ve worked hard to adhere to best practices, and in the past few years, that means generating content. You’ve listened to social media experts, to SEO experts, to content marketing experts who have all said:


More content for your website, your blog, your podcast, your email newsletter, your video series. You’ve done it all, and you’ve done it well.

The Content Problem

But all this content has created a problem of its own: what content is working? Especially when it comes to measuring and understanding what content is valuable, more isn’t better. Do you know which blog posts matter most? Do you know what pages on your website customers really care about?

Too much content makes it hard to tell what content is really working.

What you really want, as a marketer juggling multiple priorities, is a clear sense of what’s working. You want to prioritize your best performing content so that you know what to invest SEO resources and dollars towards, what content to share on social media, what content to run ads against. You want to know what works.

You’d think software like Google Analytics or other analytics packages would have this built in. They don’t, unfortunately, at least not in a clear-cut, straightforward way. You can tell which pages are most visited, but just because something gets eyeballs doesn’t mean it drives business or moves the customer along in their journey.

The Solution

Luckily, there is an answer, a solution to this problem. Our machine learning technology, a form of artificial intelligence, helps you determine the most important pages on your website. Here’s how: by analyzing every customer journey on your website that’s resulted in a conversion, and every customer journey on your website that has NOT resulted in a conversion, machine learning software can piece together the pages that most often participate in a conversion.

Imagine you manage a department store, a big box store. Shoppers walk through your store all the time; some buy, some don’t. When you start to measure where shoppers walk, you notice that shoppers who buy something always walk past certain counters in the store. It’s not the same sequence, but for some reason, shoppers who walk by jewelry, electronics, and fresh fruit inevitably end up buying something. As store manager, wouldn’t it make sense to direct foot traffic through those departments to see if more people buy?

That’s what this machine learning model does with the paths your visitors “walk” on your website, identifying the pages that converters visit on their way to conversion. Knowing what pages are visited means you can direct more traffic to those pages with social media, SEO, email, and ads.

GAMVP Example

Click here to download a full-page example report in PDF format.

Trust Insights does this for you using data you already have with our new MVP – most valuable pages – subscription service. Our machine learning technology helps you understand what pages power your conversions. With just a Google Analytics account and a few pre-requisites, you’ll be on your way to learning what content matters most.

What you get with your MVP subscription is a monthly report telling you what pages matter most on your website, what pages that help customers make the decision to convert, to take the next step, to complete goals you’ve set in your Google Analytics software.

What do you do with this information? You could:

  • SEO optimize your top pages
  • Repost/reshare top pages on social media
  • Pick pages in the middle and share/promote to see if they’re “hidden gems”
  • Include top pages in “related content” boxes on your blog posts
  • Use retargeting budget to promote top pages
  • For blog content, put top posts on regular refresh schedule
  • Direct email traffic to top pages / include in your signature
  • Give top pages to your PR team/agency to pitch

The possibilities are endless when you know what to focus on, when you double down on what’s working.

How To Get Started

You’ll only need a few things to get started.

  • A Google Analytics account
  • Goals set up and working correctly with 1 frequent goal completion
    • Example: newsletter signup, form fill, shopping cart, etc.
  • More than 20 pages on your website (including blog posts)
  • Grant access to [email protected] for your Google Analytics account
  • Cost to you: $499*

*Fixing configuration issues within Google Analytics and associated software such as Tag Manager and Search Console is not covered; if your account is not eligible, we’ll either work with you to resolve the issues under a separate scope of work or we’ll issue a full refund minus any transaction processing fees

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