Analysis and insights are powerful tools, but rear-looking ones. Once you know what’s working and why, it’s time to look forward.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

We’ll help you predict, forecast, and execute the future. Using state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, we create forecasts for marketers to easily and quickly plan their strategy and execution, including:

  • Keyword/topic research
  • Predictive forecasts
  • Content calendars
  • Ad budget planning
  • Attribution analysis

Instant Case Study: Predictive Analytics

Using predictive analytics to forecast the most popular, talked-about topics up to a year in advance, Trust Insights improved referral traffic to a B2B website by 53.3% year-over-year:

Referral traffic boost

By knowing the right topics at the right time, audiences got what they wanted, when they wanted it, and rewarded the site with significant traffic increases.

Live Example: Forecasting

See a live example of one of our forecasts using our Cheese of the Week forecast. This forecast comes in a variety of views for different roles such as:

How We Help You With Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

The DIY Option: our blogpodcast, and newsletter contain helpful guides and tips every week.

The “Do It With Help” Option: contact Trust Insights about on-site intensives, bootcamps, corporate conference speaking, executive briefings, workshops, and more.

The “Do It For Me” Option: contact Trust Insights for full service consulting on all your predictive analytics and forecasting needs.

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