Data in the Headlights, 11 July 2018

This week, we dig into data around elections and who’s registered to vote. Lots to look into, so let’s dig in right after the break.

The Bright Idea

In this issue’s Bright Idea, we dug into the Census Bureau’s 2016 voter supplement. This data set, collected by the US government, looks at how citizens behaved in elections. We wanted to answer the question, “Why don’t people register to vote?” out of sheer intellectual curiosity. What we found was surprising.

Read our study >>

We learned two key lessons from this data investigation: first, no matter what industry you work in, chances are someone’s got a dataset that could help you work better, faster, and more cost effective. Two, be absolutely certain you’ve abandoned any preconceptions before digging into data so that you are as open to possibilities and surprises as you can be.

And three, in this particular case, if you are an eligible US citizen, please register to vote. If you are registered, please verify your registration. We strongly encourage everyone to visit the non-partisan site and register or verify registration to vote.

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