Data in the Headlights, 3 July 2018

Data In The Headlights

This is the worst performing newsletter of the year.

In fact, we couldn’t choose any worse a week to send an email newsletter than this week. Why? Using predictive analytics, we know this week will be the worst week for anyone to open and read an email newsletter for the rest of calendar year 2018.

That’s why this week’s newsletter is super short. We’re spending the week working on content for the rest of the month and enjoying the Independence Day holiday here in the States.

What sort of content? Things like applying predictive analytics to kennel cough.

We examined when people search for kennel cough as a way of predicting its spreads, state by state »

Enjoy the 4th if you’re observing it, and a quiet week if you’re not. See you next week, when statistically about 40% more of you will be reading your email.

p.s. Wouldn’t it be great to forecast demand like this in your industry? You could be. Ask us how »

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