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Marketing Analytics, Data Science and Leadership – April 29, 2019 Week In Review

You’re busy. We get it. We’ve compiled some of the top-clicked and shared articles that you don’t want to miss. Here is a quick review of the top news in marketing analytics, data science and leadership you should be reading for the week beginning April 29, 2019.

SEO guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for more connections, better leads via @seocopychick

Marketers who want more juice for the squeeze out of their personal LinkedIn profiles need to optimize their profiles for the way the platform operates today, not how it operated when they set up their profiles ages ago. Jessica Foster does a capable review of what’s working today and offers 9 concrete suggestions for marketers to review.

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A new customer experience, how AI is changing marketing via @IBMforMarketing

By helping marketers collect data, identify new customer segments, and create a more unified marketing and analytics system, AI can scale customer personalization and precision in ways that didn’t exist before.

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Disclosure: Trust Insights is an IBM Registered Business Partner.

Why You Need AI for SEO Success in 2019 via @sejournal

Search engines are using AI to better match consumer needs. From detecting intent to classifying results and showing exactly what customers want with deep learning, the only way for SEO practitioners to keep up is to use AI of their own.

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Google takes baby steps to monetize Google Assistant, Google Home via @gsterling

To no one’s surprise, Google is beginning to test advertising in Google Home and Google Assistant. Now that the smart speaker occupies a dominant position along with Amazon’s Alexa, Google is looking at ways of monetizing all those ready-to-answer bots in our homes.

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The time has come to optimize for IRLs rather than URLs via @soanders

The offline world is now highly quantifiable thanks to smartphones, beacons, ubiquitous Internet, the Internet of Things, and all the other digital technologies which help us understand how people behave. By optimizing for feet in the door, we optimize for the business results we care about.

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