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Marketing Analytics, Data Science and Leadership – March 9, 2020 Week In Review

You’re busy. We get it. We’ve compiled some of the top-clicked and shared articles that you don’t want to miss. Here is a quick review of the top news in marketing analytics, data science and leadership you should be reading.


What is Marketing Automation & How Does It Help Marketers? via MarTech Advisor

Additionally, with marketing automation marketers can focus more on strategizing customer acquisition and retention as the regular campaign management, follow-ups and customer interactions are taken care of.

Read the full article here: https://trustinsights.news/nvld0

Intelligent Virtualization Technologies are Eliminating Data Silos Forever via ReadWrite

Intelligent data virtualization can automatically decide on what platform to place data based on where it will generate the best performance.

Read the full article here https://trustinsights.news/266cm

How Bad Data is Affecting Your Organizations Operational Efficiency via @kdnuggets

Despite recognizing the importance of data quality, many companies still fail to implement a data quality framework that could protect them from making costly mistakes. Poor data does not just cause revenue loss – it’s the reason your company could lose employees, customers and reputation!

Read the full article here: https://trustinsights.news/32sjv

Women on the rise in Data Science via IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

Not only were their creativity and skillsets warmly received by the client — but they gained satisfaction in finding a home with a data science team that touts both gender parity and an interdisciplinary approach to data science.

Read the full article here: https://trustinsights.news/h1rwf

What You Should Know About Big Data and Energy Consumption in 2020 via insideBIGDATA

Ultimately, the goal of energy consumption apps is not just to track individual environmental impact, but to integrate this data acquisition into wider networks that are able to assess the impact of consumer and business decisions.

Read the full article here: https://trustinsights.news/tr5xj

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