Where change management goes wrong

Where change management goes wrong

Last week I wrote about the foundations of change management.

Ironically, I got it wrong. I failed to mention who was writing the cold open in the newsletter. Hi, it’s me, Katie. ::waves::

What happened was that Chris and I talked through all the changes I listed in last week’s newsletter. Part of the internal changes includes me having more of a voice in our marketing. Well, we walked through all the necessary changes needed to make sure that I wrote the cold open and that he loaded it into the newsletter. We thought we were all set.

We were wrong.

As we talked through the “People” “Process” and “Platform” pieces of the change we were only considering it from an internal standpoint. Basically, how did the responsibilities of the newsletter differ when I wrote it versus Chris.

The oversight was you, the reader. This is where change management goes wrong a lot of the time. We focus so much on how we (the person making the change) will be affected that we often forget to think about someone other than ourselves.

Taking a 360 approach, like the Trust Insights 5P approach, should help prevent that but change is hard and often imperfect. A small change, like who is authoring a newsletter, can have a widespread impact if not done thoughtfully.

As this newsletter goes out, I’m currently teaching a workshop on Change Management and will use this example of how even the smallest of changes within an organization need a plan and QA.

At the end of the day, all change needs some kind of plan even if it’s a small change. Want to tell me about the changes you’re working on? Find me in our free slack group Analytics for Marketers.

Until next time – this is actually Katie writing the cold open.


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