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So What? YouTube Handles and what marketers should know

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In this week’s episode of So What? we focus on YouTube Handles. We walk through what they are, what marketers need to know, and what actions you can take with YouTube Handles. Catch the replay here:

So What? YouTube Handles and what marketers should know


In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • What are YouTube handles
  • What marketers need to know
  • What actions you can take with YouTube Handles

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AI-Generated Transcript:

Katie Robbert 0:41
Well, hey everyone, Happy Thursday. Welcome to so with a marketing analytics and insights live show, I’m Katie joined by Chris and John.

John Wall 0:53
We didn’t even rehearse that.

Katie Robbert 0:56
We’re just that good. This week, we are talking about YouTube handles and what marketers should know, what the heck they are, what you need to know, and what the heck you do with them. So John, this was actually something that you wanted to talk about. So what kinds of questions before we get into what they are? What kinds of questions do you have, as a marketer about YouTube handles?

John Wall 1:20
Yeah, well, the first question is, what are they? Do you need to be worried about it? And then how is it going to impact not only YouTube, but other social channels? So those were the the first, you know, things that came out of the gate? As far as you know, how do you handle this? And what can I change? It is really interesting, when you consider most people may or may not call YouTube a social channel. I mean, there’s so much activity over there, but they don’t really think about it the same as Facebook or Twitter. And you should, and should that be the way they approach this?

Katie Robbert 1:48
Well, I think that we have someone with us today who can answer all of those questions and more. Chris, where would you like to start today?

Christopher Penn 1:57
Let’s start with what is going on. So YouTube announced handles, these are at signs so these are ad handles. So if you’re familiar with at mentioning someone on Twitter, on Instagram on tick tock, you know what a YouTube handle is, right? It’s it’s exactly that it’s being able to add mentioned somebody really straightforward, really easy. The purpose is for for chat for content creators to be able to tag each other a lot more easily to have something more memorable for people who are interacting, like John said, YouTube, in addition to being the world’s second largest search engine is also one of the world’s largest social networks. And the quality of discourse in the comments on YouTube may not always be the hybrid publication that we’re looking for. But it is a social network. And so, handles are beginning to roll out now they are they appear to be going out essentially, in order of channel importance, right, as the biggest channels have already gotten theirs, and then they’re rolling out slowly appears to be based on the number of subscribers you have, when you the first place to start is to go to, right? If you have a YouTube channel, and it will say, hey, either you have or you have not gotten yours, they’re basing it off of your custom URL, right. So if you have a custom URL already set up in your YouTube channel, they’re almost certainly going to just reuse that for your your channel handle. So if we go to my YouTube channel, we can see here it all it just picked at CES pen. And this is what the paid the exact same page looks like when you’ve got a handle. It says your existing stuff will continue to work. So you don’t have to redirect anything. But now, if somebody at mentions you on YouTube, and you’ve got a handle site, and you get a notification. And so from what we can tell this is this is two things. One is to increase engagement and make collaboration easier in general on YouTube. And to because it applies to all YouTube formats, especially shorts, they are essentially trying to replicate some of the functionality of Tiktok.

Katie Robbert 4:06
With more accessible data, I would imagine

Christopher Penn 4:11
with more accessible data with a big user base already, you know, YouTube has billions of users. And they are really pushing the short video format. We thought we covered YouTube shorts a couple of months ago now on our on this live stream. But that’s that’s essentially what’s going on. It’s pretty straightforward. What these handles are. Here’s the thing to pay attention to pay attention to your inbox. And when you get that notification, go and make sure that your your handle is all set. Again, if you’ve got a custom URL already set up in your channel, you will choose you’ll see here the YouTube custom URL. Then when you get notified about the handle, it’s relatively easy to set it. There have been reports of bigger name creators who just kind of slept on the notification, and then somebody else with a much smaller channel nabbed the the handle that they would have gotten otherwise. So don’t if you get the notification, don’t sleep on it.

Katie Robbert 5:16
So it also sounds like if you don’t have your custom URL setup, now’s a good time to do it, because that’s where YouTube is going to look first.

Christopher Penn 5:25
Exactly right. So you want to go into, if we go into YouTube here, let’s go to Customize channel. And we’re going to go into customization, go to branding, go to basic info, and your YouTube your custom URL, this is where you want to set it. So very, you know, ours is already set, so we don’t have to worry about that. And then obviously, as you saw, once the handle becomes available, it’ll just appear right here.

Katie Robbert 5:51
Excellent. Alright, so we’ve talked about what it is. So it sounds like it’s very similar to having a username, essentially, like you do on other social media channels that people can tag. So what are marketers do with this information? So on Twitter, I see like these big streams of like, Follow Friday, where you tag like 20 people up until the point you’ve run out of room? Is that something that people should be thinking of? I mean, I think it’s terrible idea. But I’m an n of one, is that the kind of way that people would start using it in, like, every day, like, where do you put the tag in the comments and the description and the title? Like how does walk. This is not my area of expertise. So help me understand what the heck I do with this now.

Christopher Penn 6:43
Right? So what you would be doing with this is pretty cool, you can use the handles in a couple places you can use when the title or the description of a new video. So I could put in, for example, video with SEO span, which is my handle, and I need I think I need to be connected with with the account to be able to tag properly can see it didn’t quite get it there. And then I can use the handle within the description as well. I believe I haven’t checked this yet, but I believe you can use it within the comments on my channel as well. But what happens is then that this gets this would notify my personal YouTube channel like, hey, Trust Insights, tagged you into this into this thing. So I get a notification just like you do on on Instagram. If you know someone ad handles you in a in a thing, you get a notification.

Katie Robbert 7:37
Okay, I have a question about one of the things that you said. So as you were saying video with an FCS pen, and you said, I need to be connected with this channel, you know, so that, to me says that you can’t just tag anybody who has a handle know, like, what does that mean? That you have to be connected with it.

Christopher Penn 7:55
I also reason that like, when I just tried to use my handle there, it didn’t seem to be able to record define and recognize my channel. So I’m not sure if if Trust Insights Trust Insights for handle is following my personal channel. So pulled up a bunch of other accounts that I didn’t recognize.

Katie Robbert 8:14
So I can say I believe it is. But that aside, that’s interesting. So you can only tag people you follow?

Christopher Penn 8:24
I’m not sure because we like I said, we just tried it and it did not work as intended.

Katie Robbert 8:29
So that’s interesting, because that I can see, you know, it’s going to inflate, you know, follower numbers. For example, if you’re looking to tag a whole bunch of people, you don’t follow them, you suddenly have to follow them in order to tag them. You know, but then do you unfollow them as soon as they’re tagged, it probably depends on the context of what you’re doing.

Christopher Penn 8:51
Right? It also could be my browser too, because they’ve got like a gazillion ad blockers, which always screw up how sites function. So it’s entirely possible. It’s me,

Katie Robbert 8:59
Okay, I’m gonna go with that it’s entirely possible to you.

John Wall 9:03
I could totally see that we’re gonna hit that thing of as soon as it’s live. For most people, there’s going to be these folks posting videos and tagging 500 people in the comments. And then suddenly, there’ll be some spam switches and you know, not be able to tag me if I don’t follow you and some of those often on things, but yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how that stuff blows up at lunchtime.

Katie Robbert 9:25
Yeah, I It’s interesting that because YouTube has to be a video like that’s its format. That’s the thing, whether it’s a long form video, a short video, I’m really curious about, you know, so on Twitter, for example, someone can just ask a question and then tag a bunch of people to see if they can get an answer. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how that translates or maybe it doesn’t into a platform like this.

Christopher Penn 9:58
It depends So, if your channel is big enough, you can also create just posts, which essentially are like, tweets, right? You have to have over 1000 subscribers to be able to do posts, and then you can create images, image polls, text polls, obviously add in videos and things and that goes to your subscribers. So the bigger channels tend to do post announcing stuff like, hey, our new collaboration with Casey Neistat is coming out in three days, make sure that you’ve hit the notification bell so you get a notice when it comes out that kind of thing. So it’s not just videos.

Katie Robbert 10:36
Okay, that’s given that our channel is still growing, that’s probably why wasn’t aware of some of these features. And if you haven’t subscribed to Trust Insights, YouTube channel, you can do so at dot AI slash YouTube, which will also bring you straight straight to our channel, you can follow us there never miss an episode

so do handles the do they? If you scroll up to analytics, do they show up there now as a metric?

Christopher Penn 11:14
Nope, not yet. Not yet. And it’s not clear if they ever will or not. Because when we look at the data, if you use, you know, the social listing tools, your choice for YouTube, the handles up here to just be regular text strings that YouTube auto recognizes, but it’s not substantially different. Like it’s not, it’s not something new. I don’t know if it’s gonna show up in the analytics or not, we will find out.

Katie Robbert 11:43
Okay, so I guess I’m still struggle struggling to understand, you know, what marketers can do with having the ability aside from claiming your own handle, which is always a good idea for your, you know, corporate and personal brand, I’m still just struggling to understand the use cases of being able to tag a bunch of other handles,

Christopher Penn 12:10
it’s notify them, and it’s not been stated publicly, anywhere, but it would not surprise me, if they if the way the underlying recommendation engine works. If you do publish a video that it might have a slightly higher percentage chance of showing up in you know, to the the audience of the people that you’ve tagged, you know, so if like, if we put a video out on the Trust Insights channel, and we use the Add Hamill from our channels, and we can get it working, then people who’ve subscribed to me might see might have a greater chance of seeing that video in their recommended feeds.

Katie Robbert 12:49
I see. So, so similar to what we do with our network graphs. And for those who aren’t aware, we do you know, for big events on Twitter, we have network graphs that poll, all of the handles that are being of people who are being talked about during those shows. So that way, you can sort of see like, what the conversations are about those kinds of things. Okay, so I can sort of see it. And that context of why that might be helpful, because it’s, in some ways, just trying to get a longer reach into a wider audience by including somebody who is related in context.

Christopher Penn 13:27
Exactly. I could so for example, if I wanted to, I could take the oh, this video from marketing profs, once they’ve got their handles set up, if I posted this video that I shot of an and Mark about I use their handles, is likely to let them know that this thing exists. Which again, there is no notification mechanism right now. So if somebody posts a video of Taylor Swift on there, and you don’t tag that person in their account is not notified that you’ve put this thing up. But if you use this handle now it lets that that other creator know, hey, you know, this, this video potentially of you exists?

Katie Robbert 14:01
Now, can they take any action with it? Can they repost it reshare it like you can with other social platforms,

Christopher Penn 14:07
it depends on what your account is capable of like so for this, sign my Google account I could I could add in a YouTube video from somebody else into a post on my channel. Oh, if I want, I want if you know and put up a video of me. I could put it into into a post on my channel.

Katie Robbert 14:33
Got it. But it’s not the same sort of like one click experience that you have on other channels where it’s just like you click the retweet button or you click the share button and it shares

Christopher Penn 14:45
No it’s it’s it’s not it. It’s not that way for the smaller channels. Now. There is definitely a pecking order on YouTube in terms of what you’re allowed to do based on your channel size.

Katie Robbert 14:56
All right, John, you and I better get comfortable at the bottom of the totem pole. Oh,

John Wall 15:00
yeah, well, it’s interesting too, that these are totally unique. I mean, it just seems like there will be a lot of battles amongst subscribers that have similar channels. Because this, you know, if you don’t get your name, you’re totally out of luck. The other one, too is you had mentioned brand, like, it’s so important for that. If you’ve got your ad handled the same across all channels, then if you’re using a posting tool, you don’t have to worry about cross stuff. Because you know, I’ve seen that where it’s like, if you’ve got an Instagram and Facebook ad, but you don’t have it on Twitter, now you’re having to change every post to meet the, you know, the standard so that the thing is actually live and clicks and works. So, yeah, getting it is critical, but it does seem like they’re rolling out at their own pace, like you’re just gonna get your shot when you get it. And if there’s somebody, there’s a bigger fish upstream, you’re out of luck.

Christopher Penn 15:53
Exactly. And I’m sure that behind the scenes, I’m sure there are some protections for those folks who are, you know, recognized brands with established copyrights, like, you know, you can say, okay, that’s our trademark, you can’t use it. So you could not grab at Apple. Or Disney, Disney would be the worst, because they’re lawyers, they’ll just show up at your house and just punch you in the face. But, you know, for smaller brands, it is consideration, make sure that you know how to do copyright claims and stuff on YouTube, make sure you’re familiar with those processes.

Katie Robbert 16:30
So what else can marketers do with this information? Is there other other utilities other other use cases like? Or is this just something more of a like a wait and see.

Christopher Penn 16:42
Some of it is wait and see some of it, we already know what to do with this up. Because what’s really nice about AD handles is that it’s a defined format. It’s a known format that we’re all used to dealing with right on Twitter, on Instagram on Tiktok. We know how to deal with these ad mentions. And that also means that we can use existing marketing technologies to process them. So for example, if you use a social listening tools, you know, there’s there’s so many of them, I am unfortunately over quota on on my Talkwalker account for this one. So I have to use brand 24. I set up a video tracker for videos about Taylor Swift. And this is a tiny fraction. Because of YouTube’s date API, this is probably about 1% of the total volume. It was actually funny, I had to file a tech support request with Google earlier today, I said I need to increase my my queries per per day limit because he had 10,000. I burned through that very, very quickly, when I was trying to set up a Taylor Swift listening tool this morning. And say I need I need at least 180,000 queries a day, we’ll see if Google comes back and says this is a silly use case. However, in social listening tools of your choice, you will you can set it up to monitor for a topic and then export that data, right, you can export the data and start processing it. So real simple. You can see in this spreadsheet here, let’s make this just a little bigger. In the descriptions, you’re starting to see the use of some of these handles, right? There’s the Taylor Swift handle, which means that if you’re familiar with things like network graphs, you can start to build network graphs of who is influential about a topic because we’re looking for which handles are mentioned more frequently than others. And we’re, again, we’re starting to see that data become available, it’s still not, I’d say, we probably need another month to wait because that’s how long Google said it’s going to take to roll these things out. But then you’re going to start to be able to build influence graphs, effectively, for YouTube. Up until now, it’s been a real struggle for any of these influencer identification tools to to look at more than Gale who’s got the largest number of subscribers and YouTube. Now, with the handles, we can start to say, Okay, well, which channels are being recommended by other creators the most.

Katie Robbert 19:14
And for those wondering, this was the network graph that I was mentioning that we create on Twitter, for the events. And so this is obviously using YouTube data. But when we create those other network graphs, we’re using Twitter data to see who’s being the most talked about.

Christopher Penn 19:29
Exactly. And to John’s point, if brands are doing a good job of essentially capturing their handle and stuff like that, and making it synchronous across different networks, then if you create a network graph for say, Instagram or Tiktok, or Twitter, and you post it on YouTube, as of motion pictures, a video as opposed to a static image. You could probably use that same handle list and say, okay, you know, here’s the 10 or 15 or 20 most influential people and they people could see The actual animation, rather than just a static image. So it could actually be a lot of fun, for the more advanced influence identification tools to show motion of influence over time.

John Wall 20:18
That’d be interesting to see too. If they have import function, you know, if you’d be able to dump your Twitter list and just upload it into YouTube, that would be interesting. Yeah, I

Christopher Penn 20:27
don’t know about that. But certainly, you could do a very simple check and say, Okay, here’s the Twitter handle, because the format is exactly the same. So if I go, if we go back here to a browser window, I go to Taylor Swift I can see that there’s a working profile there. And so I could very quickly check to see oh, that got loud. Is is a handle that has a Twitter handle is at least have a working YouTube channel on the other end of it.

Katie Robbert 21:04
That’s interesting. So what else should marketers be thinking about in terms of the potential of this data?

Christopher Penn 21:15
More than anything? I think there’s all what’s your on one of the things that would be handy to know particularly if you have a named competitor that you are competing with in the market space on YouTube, you could look at who your competitors are collaborating with, right? What kinds of influencer collaborations again, with with these handles being available, it’s, there’s obviously likely to be an advantage for tagging and people in collaborations. Now, you could get a better understanding of which influencers and creators, your competitors are are working with. And that might be a short list of folks that you know, if you’re in, say, the IT space, you’re probably collaborating with network, Chuck, or you will be at some point, because he’s just one of those creators that has a huge tech audience of folks that are all into into it, and gear. So that’s one aspect. And the second aspect really is from a big picture perspective, this is all about encouraging more social connection, and more collaboration. So as we create content, one of the things we want to be doing is we want to be collaborating with others. And this tool makes it easier to mention and loop in other people’s audiences. You know, when we post, for example, our our podcasts and stuff now on on YouTube, and this live stream, will probably want to start tagging in my YouTube handle, because again, I’ve got an audience on my personal handle, we want to bring that audience into the Trust Insights audience.

Katie Robbert 22:53
And vice versa. Interesting. So, I know, you might not know the answer to this, but how long do you feel smaller creators have to wait in order to get their YouTube handle?

Christopher Penn 23:11
We know that it will. YouTube will automatically start processing everything November 14, right? That’s when they say, if you haven’t already been notified, we’re just going to assign one to you. So it’s going to be honored before November 14. So you know, obviously, we should be checking our our inbox fairly frequently to make sure that is not a magically appeared.

Katie Robbert 23:30
Gotcha. And so if you get one that you’re not happy with, you can try to change it if it’s available,

Christopher Penn 23:37
exactly if it’s available. And then you can’t change it again for 14 days. So like if it came up with some random string, we could say, okay, Trust Insights, and then we’d be locked into that we couldn’t change again for 14 days, again, to prevent people from from essentially handle squatting.

Katie Robbert 23:53
Gotcha. Well, John, you better start reserving, like super fun, cool guy to make sure that that’s available for you.

John Wall 24:01
This is my shot here. If I can get John Wall back from the NBA player. He’s mostly retired now. So just finally.

Katie Robbert 24:08
Yeah, I think this is the time to do it.

Christopher Penn 24:11
Yeah, and it’s on the channel basis. So the marketing over coffee channel is obviously you want to want to get at bargaining over coffee.

John Wall 24:20
Yet we haven’t got the invite yet on that. So unfortunately, that’s not not top tier.

Christopher Penn 24:27
The other thing that I think it’s probably worth smaller channels considering is if you don’t have the viewership to get to at least to 1000 to to get some of the more advanced features. It might be worth dropping a couple 100 bucks to run YouTube ads promoting your channel just to try and get that subscriber count up to up above the minimum for some of the more advanced features.

Katie Robbert 24:52
That makes sense. Yeah, especially if you’re really angling to keep a very specific handle for your brand consistency that makes Spend a little bit of money now, and play the long game of making sure that you can keep your brand intact.

Christopher Penn 25:07
It’d be able to do stuff like posts, you know, the image posts and run polls to your subscribers, things like that. Obviously, you know, you want a loyal audience, but at least to unlock some of the basic features. Yeah, wouldn’t it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend a few bucks.

Katie Robbert 25:25
What do you think, John? What other questions do you have about it?

John Wall 25:28
And you know, the one thing that’s run around my head is so now, would you be able to start guiding these names? Like if you took all the largest Twitter accounts and saw which ones don’t have YouTube accounts, is that giving you you know, is there something to be mined there, but that seems like a spammy thing to get involved with.

Christopher Penn 25:45
It’s a spammy thing to get involved in. And YouTube’s specifically called out in their handles announcements you may not sell or transfer handles, it is against the terms of service, they’ll boot you off the platform.

John Wall 25:56

Christopher Penn 25:57
Now that won’t stop, you know, some nefarious actors from doing that. But the chances of them six being able to successfully extort someone else are pretty low. YouTube is really, really good about copyright claims. And they are very they are they they are their robots are very vigorous about enforcing copyright. So the chances of being extorted successfully are relatively low.

Katie Robbert 26:23
Interesting. Well, I feel like it’s a nice new shiny object at the very at the very least, the takeaway is, you know, try to boost your follower number subscriber number so that you can secure the handle that best aligns with your brand. And otherwise, it sounds like maybe start, you know, experimenting with, you know, tagging your friendlies and things to see if that boosts your numbers at all. And then just kind of set up your monitoring tools, see what comes out of it and just kind of wait and see. I mean, I feel like people don’t do a lot with handles right now, in general, other than massively tag a whole bunch of them to try to get seen elsewhere, which is never been a great strategy. So I’m just curious to see what marketers feel like they can now do with this additional piece of data.

Christopher Penn 27:19
I mean, I think the, like you said, setting up some social listening on your key topics looking big topics is, is easy, and it’s a smart move. Because as handles become more available, you want that data, you want the data to be able to analyze it now, for example, we’ve had monitor in, in brand 24, here running for Google Analytics for over two years now. And we’ve collected hundreds of 1000s of data points. And then as time goes on, right, if I go into our mentions here, I can look at just video, just in the last 30 days, there’s 814 videos about this thing, I can start to export that and you know, see if there are emerging influencers with those handles, in use, right within these topics. So it never hurts to have some social sting setup for your key topics, the things that you want to know more about, and then look at the landscape

Katie Robbert 28:22
What do you think, John, you’re going to set up your own YouTube channel just to get your handle.

John Wall 28:26
You just need to make more videos, that’s the key, you know, it’s great to have your handle. But if you don’t have stuff, you want to promote you, that’s cart before the horse. So get out and start shooting.

Christopher Penn 28:37
Yep, start shooting, start doing live streams, you know, platforms like stream, er and stuff, make it super easy. If you are already on platform like Tiktok just download your Tiktok things, real videos and upload them to YouTube as shorts, right? It’s it’s so simple. If you can do that, you know, and then do the exact same thing with Instagram reels. They There is speculation because no one has confirmed that videos you upload from other platforms are recommended less frequently, the videos you make natively on those platforms. But if you’ve already made the video once doesn’t apply, upload it to those other places, you’re not going to cause any any harm that way.

Katie Robbert 29:18
Right? No, that makes sense. It’s, you know, that aligns with our transmedia framework that we talked about in terms of, you know, scalability and using your resources in an efficient way, create the thing once and then post it across multiple platforms. And then John, to your point, if there’s consistency with the handles, then you don’t have to keep trying to figure out what handle is it that I’m trying to tag in this. You can create the thing once and then just sort of schedule it.

Christopher Penn 29:45
Exactly. And then all the law the tools allow you to do this stuff in Adobe Premiere. I was doing this the other day. You can create a sequence in Adobe Premiere that is exactly sized for YouTube shorts and stuff. So if there’s a if you want to Get custom content for short form video and you don’t want to just take existing video and crop it. The tools let you do this really easily. And when it comes to the use of handles, and on YouTube, it’s pretty clear they intend that to be used heavily within shorts, right? They intend for you to be doing a lot of tagging. So take advantage of the video tools that are out there, start making a list of the people that you want to mention that you want, you know, maybe you want to have some affinity for, start mentioning them in your videos, and things like that and and just crank out these these minute long videos. It’s not It’s not rocket surgery.

Katie Robbert 30:41
All right, well, I don’t have any other questions. I’m sort of I’m just taking it all in this is, you know, I felt like when you said you two panels and like, I don’t know what that is. And now it’s like, Oh, I know what that is. But I still don’t I haven’t quite figured out like what you do with it. So I still need some time to think it through. Like where it fits in to everything that we do.

Christopher Penn 31:02
Yep. Again, start with collaboration. Start with tagging people in when we do any content with anybody else. You know, for example, when we post this episode of so what we should probably see if brand 24 has not handle on YouTube. And if they do want to mention him in the description, say, hey, we featured you in this video we talked about on the marketing AI Institute, frequently we talk about Talkwalker frequently, and as folks get their handles super easy way to just let them know hey, you’re in this video.

Katie Robbert 31:33
That makes sense. John, final thoughts.

John Wall 31:39
Yeah, dude, start tagging. Everybody.

Christopher Penn 31:41
start tagging everybody. Yeah, think about this, John. Every time you have a guest on marketing over coffee, we’ll go through and just make sure they’re tagged and go back. Once you get your handles for marketing over coffee, go back into the historical archives right now of the old videos and stuff. You know, Katie and I, we can do that for the Trust Insights podcast if we know that there are brands we mentioned Agorapulse and stuff. As soon as they get their hands off, we want to go back and undo even our old catalog and Hagaman now that’s, that’s the next step. And that’s the easy next step is, is leverage the existing library you have and start start tagging away. All right, well, there’s nothing else folks, let’s head on out and we’ll catch you next week. Thanks for watching today. Be sure to subscribe to our show wherever you’re watching it. For more resources. And to learn more, check out the Trust Insights podcast at trust AI podcast, and a weekly email newsletter at trust Got questions about what you saw on today’s episode. Join our free analytics for marketers slack group at trust for marketers See you next time.

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