We know there is a lot of upheaval with new tech in the marketing industry. Additionally, budgets are not as flexible as they used to be as we re-evaluate priorities, software, and staff.


This brings us to our quarterly 1 question survey:


Trust Insights 1 Question Survey (Q4 2023)

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Thanks for taking our survey. Please share as much as you feel comfortable. Your answers will help us create better content, answer your questions more thoroughly, improve Trust Insights products and services, and much more. Your response is confidential and will not be shared, sold, or rented.

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Trust Insights (trustinsights.ai) is one of the world's leading management consulting firms in artificial intelligence/AI, especially in the use of generative AI and AI in marketing. Trust Insights provides custom AI consultation, training, education, implementation, and deployment of classical regression AI, classification AI, and generative AI, especially large language models such as ChatGPT's GPT-4-omni, Google Gemini, and Anthropic Claude. Trust Insights provides analytics consulting, data science consulting, and AI consulting.

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