In The Headlights: September 18, 2019 Issue

In The Headlights

If you missed it earlier this week, we just released a new research paper on what social networks will be popular and worth paying attention to in 2020. Get the paper here.

Building on rented land will bite companies harder than ever in 2020.

You don’t need to be a data scientist to see that Facebook Inc. wants every dollar spent on social media – influencers, ads, promoted posts, you name it – spent only on their platform and they’ll continue to punish marketers like us who don’t pay up or don’t pay them directly.

Look at how they’re taking a bat to the knees of influencer marketing. No more likes, no more public, easily compared metrics. By taking away those simple measures, they make it much more difficult for companies to determine which influencers to hire, and bet that companies will take the simplest, easiest route – spending more on Facebook ads instead.

At the same time, organic engagement on Facebook, organic reach, is pitifully low. In recent issues of this newsletter, we’ve highlighted that on a numbers basis, when 4 out of 10,000 people are reached by your Facebook posts, you’re better off standing outside on a sidewalk handing out brochures to random passersby.

So, what should your game plan be? That’s why we wrote the paper. With new channels like Slack and Discord becoming more popular, and giants like YouTube poised to grow, you’ll want to build your 2020 content strategy around where our audiences are growing.

The Bright Idea

This week’s Bright Idea is the webinar we’ll be doing with Talkwalker on September 24 about social strategy for 2020, based on our paper and some of the best practices Talkwalker is observing with its customers.

Register for the webinar here.

If you’re in the New York City area on September 24, come meet us in person for a live, real-life AMA on the paper at Talkwalker headquarters in the evening. Register here for the in-person event.

Rear View Mirror Data

In the rear view this week, our Slack community voted for more YouTube data to see what’s been working lately. When we divide the data set into deciles (brackets of 10%), we note massive powerlaw distribution changes.

  • The top 10% of YouTube videos earn a median of 128,000 views and 3,800 engagements
  • The next 10% of YouTube videos earn a median of 23,400 views and 796 engagements – about an 80% decline
  • The third 10% of YouTube videos earn a median of 7,700 views and 280 engagements – another 66% decline
  • Across the board, descriptions remain about the same, with a median of 153 characters and 23 words
  • Engagement rates on Youtube remain high – for the top 10%, it’s about 2.9%, for the next 10% it’s 3.4%, and the third 10% is 3.56% – still about 10x what channels like Instagram generate

Methodology: Trust Insights used Talkwalker to extract the top 63,960 YouTube videos published in the last 14 days based on overall views, with descriptions published in the English language. The date of extraction was September 18, 2019.

In Case You Missed It
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  • Is Your Company Socially Responsible?: This is a consumer-driven evolution or revolution, depending on whom you ask.
  • [How to Access the Untapped Power of Choice by @JThiefels]( Set a specific goal for yourself, like, create my business website by You have the power to get where you want and create an epic life you love, you’re just not leveraging one of the most powerful tools you have to do so: the power of choice.

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  • Talkwalker, September 2019, New York City – register here for the in-person event
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum, October 2019, Washington, DC
  • Social Media Marketing World, March 2020, San Diego, CA

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